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ADM Soft Labs offers wide range of security software and services to corporate clients and organizations. The product range includes solutions for protecting corporate networks and resources as well as personnel's devices.

KESB (Endpoint Security for Business) is range of products which provides from customized to full protection to corporate resources and networks and individually used devices for small, medium and large companies and organizations. ESB may comprise Storage security, Security for Virtualization and Clouds, Security for Mail Server and other parts and applications required by corporate security policy.

ESB solution provides a complete, fully integrated platform that offers probably the best anti-malware protection, robust application control tools, plus system management, encryption, and integrated Mobile Device Management, all managed from a single console. Protecting corporate data and information, managing applications, and giving the ability to see, control and secure all devices, whether physical, virtual or mobile, corporate or personal, this is the unique set of benefits of Endpoint Security solution.

Mobile access to corporate networks and Bring Your Own Device become popular corporate strategy, but introduce growing risks including infections from employee’s personal mobile devices. As every businesses needs to ensure that the use of mobile devices by its employees does not affect the security of confidential business data and mission-critical business systems, ADM Soft Labs offer the Mobile Device Security from Kaspersky Lab which helps our customers to cut costs and reduce the load on IT administrators. MDS supports wide range of platforms like iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone and Symbian and integrates essential mobile endpoint security technologies protecting mobile devices against viruses, spyware, Trojans, worms, bots and a wide range of other threats.

Additional security technologies – including powerful encryption and anti-theft features – add further layers of protection for corporate business information. 

DDOS security is a solution for companies which need to protect vital databases, servers and large volumes of information and high number of visitors like banks, data centers. DDOS Security works for both Internal (generated inside the network by pre-loaded malware) and External (generated by external PCs) DDOS attacks. In most cases the client with DDOS mitigation installed will not even feel the attack, it would only see notification from KL on the fact of the attack.

Also DDOS preventive measures can be implied by means of thread intelligence which alerts possible future DDOS attacks. 

The Kaspersky DDoS Prevention system can be implemented either in advance to prevent potential attacks or after an attack has already begun.

After the attack Kaspersky Lab experts can prepare the client a complete packet of documents to turn over to law enforcement agencies if the client requests it.

All Kaspersky security products are linked into one Management and Control subsystem which allows IT specialists to monitor the security situation in the corporate network and coordinate the operation of all system components from one Management Console.

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