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We understand that today securing and managing all the computing devices in a business has become a much bigger and more frustrating job. In addition to desktops, IT team now have to identify, secure and manage mobile, virtual and even personal devices that contain corporate data.

To help IT teams of our clients to efficiently protect corporate networks, we offer

Flexible licensing helps our clients to control costs 
Because Kaspersky products offer a choice of ‘per machine’ (including ‘per desktop’ and ‘per server’) or ‘per core’ licensing options, our clients can choose the most cost-effective licensing model for their businesses, networks of even or large-scale data centres.

Flexible business models which allow our partners to increase the value of their services and profitability. We decided to help our partners in developing their businesses, and now with our new business models companies can offer more value in their services and boost their ROI.

Flexible business terms We ARE flexible and we are client and business oriented. We will discuss special prices and terms with you to help you to be protected.

To learn more about the opportunities we want to share with you, please contact us

We know how to use security to protect your business ...

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