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What We Do 

ADM Soft Labs with Kaspersky Lab can help you to see, control and protect your company data.

We aim to help our partners to protect their businesses from malware and cyber fears. 

Whether you are a valued existing customer or a potential new customer, we have made it our mission to offer you world’s most effective solutions against cybercrime: malware, spam, hackers, cyberespionage tools, and more.


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ADM Soft Labs is a UK based reseller of Kaspersky anti malware software.

Securing and managing all the computing devices has become a much bigger and more frustrating job. With greater complexity it is easy to miss a system vulnerability such as an unpatched application or new device on the network, which in turn can cause major security issues.

With this in mind ADM Soft Labs is pleased to announce Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business platform which is designed to meet the security challenges of our Partners.

We aim to work with corporate clients and primarily look for cooperation with telecommunications operators, data centers, as well as banks, financial companies and medium and large businesses.

Our main advantage is that we provide solutions which allow our clients to generate additional profits and increase the value of their services.

We know how to use security to protect your business ...

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