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As Data Centers are vital crossroads of modern IT industry, the key issue becomes to keep their customers protected from malware attacks. ADM Soft Labs offers a number of products designed to increase reliability of clients networks and the value of Data Centers services. 

Security for Storage, Security for Mail gateway and Security for Transit Traffic are a range of security products which allow Data Centers to offer integrated “virus free” guarantee to their clients at higher price or increased value.

Security for Storage is a solution which performs check of hard disks storages for malware. The benefit is offering service of storage with integrated “virus free” guarantee to clients.

Using Security for Mail Gateway (Mail Server) provides securing of email traffic from malware content and also checks e-mail and MMS for malware without interference with clients' information.

Security for Transit Traffic protects transit traffic between Data Сenters or clients remote locations and also allows Data Center's personnel to monitor SMS and MMS routers traffic for anti-spam and fishing, increasing clients' safety and network reliability.

Probably one of the most important part of security for Data Centers is DDOS security range of products, which protect databases, servers, whole data centers and works for both Internal (generated inside the network by pre-loaded malware) and External (generated by external PCs) DDOS attacks. DDOS preventive measures can be implied by means of thread intelligence which alerts possible future DDOS attacks on the resources of the operator's clients.

While an operator or Internet provider that implements its own DDoS protection measures on its network can only protect its own channels, the Kaspersky DDoS Prevention system can protect any resource at any location on a network by means of cleaning centers which filtering out traffic forwarded from a parasitic source. Though an attack could be powerful enough to overload the channels of a specific Data center or service provider, Kaspersky DDoS Prevention cleaning centers are physically distributed and connected to the Internet through several different providers over high-speed channels, making them extremely difficult to overload.

Security for Virtualization is a product specifically designed for Data Centers to secure physical servers with light agents installed (virtual machines). Normally each customer using one light agent would install its own antivirus software, which overloads the CPU and memory of the server, decreasing performance of the whole system according to the number of antivirus software installed on each virtual partition.

Installation of KSV, which protects the whole server with all the light agents on it, allows to maintain initial performance of server, and increase the number of potentially used light agents, thus boosting the return on investment.

Security for Transit Traffic solution protects transit traffic between Data Centers or clients’ remote locations and also allows IT team to monitor traffic for anti-spam and fishing, increasing clients' safety and network reliability.

The Management and Control subsystem concentrates all Kaspersky security solutions in one Management Console and helps IT team to coordinate the operation the security system and manage all system components.

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