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Multi Device Security

Multi Device Security is the solution for end users which allows to protect all devices with only one security license.

Whichever device the client uses when banking, shopping, surfing or social networking online, the Internet holds the same security risks – including malware infections, cybercrime and phishing.

The Multi Device Security from Kaspersky Lab provides easy-to-use, one-licence and multi-platform security solution that protects virtually any combination of PCs, Macs, iOs and Android smartphones and tablets. Improved transaction protection allows shopping, banking and paying on customers devices. Built-in web protection means that every site visited on PC, smartphone, tablet or Mac is checked to make sure it’s safe and free of malware. Multi Device Security includes Parental Controls which helps children to get the best theInternet has to offer, while protecting them from the worst.

Other possibilities are blocking malicious mobile sites and text messages, finding client’s device on Google Maps if it’s lost, and remotely erase data if smartphone or tablet is stolen.

All Kaspersky software, no matter which operating system it runs on, is optimized to offer the customer with the protection he needs without slowing down the device.

Multi Device Security is a protection optimised for each device, offering flexible protection as it allows to ‘mix and match’ security to fit any combination of devices. Multi Device Security offers real time protection against  all new and emerging malware and Internet threats and incorporated anti-theft protection to secure clients’s data if the smartphone or tablet is lost or stolen.

Kaspersky Multi Device Security offers free Kaspersky Safe Browser for iOS, which helps to protect client’s devices against fishing websites and malicious links when using iPhone and iPad.

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